Friday, 12 November 2010

The only stone worth turning... left unturned.

The scene is set... Lisbon Court steps, February 2010.  
Kate and Gerry McCann face the press pack and questioning from several journalists.  One journalist in particular asks probably one of the most important questions since the case was shelved, his words are in italics.

~ You ask the Portuguese people to come forward , what do you have to say if they ask you why are you not reopening the case?
GM - We'd be delighted if the case was reopened, we have no problem with that.
~ A reconstruction - if you volunteered to do a reconstruction, wouldn't that open the case?
GM - We want to create information that will lead us to helping find Madeleine.
~ That will help Madeleine.
GM - Well, if it does, then, you know, we will participate.
~You're in Lisbon today - you could take that step today, ask for the case to be reopened.
GM - Look, we're going round in circles.  We'd be more than happy for the case to be reopened.

November 2010 - the McCanns are in Lisbon once again, not for Madeleine but to meet their lawyers and PR representatives.  Recent reports stated that the Portuguese police were happy to work with the parents.  Legal sources in Portugal advised that they should use this meeting as an opportunity to instruct said lawyers to draft letters to both the Judiciary Police and the Attorney General to request the reopening of the investigation.  This is not something new, it is the McCanns' legal right and has been since the case was shelved.  Over the years they have not taken up this right for some strange reason and instead choose to mislead the public by insisting that they need monetary donations to fund their own search.

It appears that yet again that they have chosen not to request the reopening of the case and would rather have a review of the information already gathered.  A review instead of an ongoing official investigation. What will a review tell us?  It will tell us that the McCanns and their friends should complete the requested reconstruction and all unanswered questions should be answered.  

They are persisting with their stunt of a review petition, delaying the search for Madeleine even further by declaring that they will wait until the petition has 100,000 signatures before acting upon it.  And in the meantime they will publicly ask for more money to fund an unnecessary private search.

The McCanns say that they will leave no stone unturned.  But by their own strange actions and words, it is quite evident that they are themselves hampering the search for Madeleine.


** Thanks to SMC for the fab photo


  1. Bravo!
    Well said!

  2. Why after 3 and a half years are they still asking people for information, the 2 parents and friends were 100 yards away from all 3 kids, apparently checking on them and they apparently haven't a clue where she has gone, so how do they expect anyone else to know where she is after 3 and a half years.
    They wont reopen the case as the 2 parents are the only suspects.
    Not one positive sighting since May 3rd, someone didn't want her found and made a good job of it, like they said "find the body and prove we did it"


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