Monday, 8 November 2010

The Malice of Keir Simmons...

I had thought about taking the mantle and writing something about Keir Simmons, but really... is he worth the bother?

Keir Simmons' views on the McCanns are so outdated they have almost fossilised, his comments about the 'poor parents' are something I would have expected to hear from yesteryear when sympathy for them had reached its peak.

The realisation that missing Madeleine's case is perhaps not what it seemed, is dawning on the public.

The public know that the McCanns allowed the investigation to be shelved and they know that the McCanns and their friends refused to aid the investigation.  They also know that throughout the past three and a half years, the McCanns have failed to use their legal right to reopen the investigation.  The final cherry on the cake is the spending of millions of pounds of other people's money, yet they're still asking for more.  I am sure Keir Simmons is no fool, and also knows this.

Despite not taking the proverbial carrot from Simmons on Twitter...

These people say they are ‘truth seekers’. They are not. What they write is just nasty, obsessive and vicious. They are not journalists, not even campaigners, they represent the worst of the human psyche electronically unleashed.

Understandably a lot of people did respond to this unnecessary baiting because this is a nasty, obsessive and vicious thing to say.  A lot of good people have followed the case and want nothing but justice for Madeleine.  Genuine people who see nothing but biased reporting and a British media who have forgotten about the one and only victim in this case - Madeleine McCann.  Poor Madeleine - remember?  People who are bizarrely condemned for one thing - not supporting the parents.  

Simmons' dated views come as no surprise as he is probably touting for the next McCann interview, however for him to use his stance and platform as UK Editor with ITV is an utter disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself.  Especially as he is most probably directing his comments at his own viewing public and that of ITV in general.

His whining, hypocritical final paragraph says it all...

I worry that by allowing them to communicate with me, by effectively engaging with them, I am encouraging them. Perhaps it’s time for me in my own small way to say ‘stop’, I’d like to know what you think. Please send me your views on Twitter (ironically) or Facebook.

Oh poor me, poor me, pour me another.  Stop playing the martyr and take a piece of your own advice... 'stop' and use your BLOCK button.  That's what it's there for, you won't be missed.  Unfortunately for you, you've shot yourself in the foot and will no longer be taken seriously as an unbiased 'investigative' journalist.  And certainly won't be trusted again by the many decent people who only want the truth.

Anyway, let's do what the British media should be doing and contemplate what Kate and Gerry McCann will do when they attend their lawyers in Lisbon tomorrow. Will they, as advised, take up their legal right to have the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance REOPENED and instruct their lawyers to write to the PJ and Attorney General?  Or won't they?

I wait with anticipation, as I'm sure you all do...


  1. Good to see a bit of straight talking, saying it how it is MMM,well said .

    He is a total disgrace and should be hauled over the coals for his latest piece of claptrap.

    It's shocking that a man in his position should be allowed to write such one sided nonsense when the information to counteract his personal opinion is freely available for him to read .

    If after reading it he still has the same opinion ,then he should be sacked ,as it would prove he hadn't got the brains he was born with!

  2. i think keir simmons is a complete plank,i bet other jorno,s are having a bloody good laugh at him behind his back,that piece by him is like something out of a barbara cartland novel,pass the sick bucket

  3. I think it is a disgrace for an ITV Editor to come out with such a one-sided view.ITV and the Papers have lost a lot of credibility over McCanngate.


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