Friday, 26 November 2010

The Reward...

By the 12th May 2007, the reward for information leading to the safe return of Madeleine to her family had reached £2.5 million.  The News of the World and several well know business persons contributed generously to the expanding reward.

The happy expressions on the McCanns' faces as they exited the church to the waiting crowd on the 12th May have always been a complete puzzle.  Firstly because it was Madeleine's birthday and secondly because their child had been missing for just 9 days.

12th May 2007 - Day 9

However, maybe they'd just heard from the BBC that the reward had reached a staggering two and a half million pounds?  That really would be something to crow about - all that money being offered by strangers, just to get your child back safely.

Yet the McCanns have systematically failed to mention this humungous reward, kindhearedly donated by other people.  Despite numerous TV appearances, interviews with the media (both televised and in print) and various press statements, you can count on one hand just how many times this reward has been publicised.

Now why would that be?  It should be constantly plugged... a one track multi-million way to get Madeleine home, courtesy of other people.

To date, almost 4 years later this huge reward has receded to a whispering memory. No mention of it is ever made, we don't even know if the reward even exists.  Is it still valid?  The mere fact that it has not been claimed could mean two things... firstly, there is no information available leading to Madeleine's safe return or secondly, those who do have the information are sworn to silence?

The parents claim to need the help of the public and make appeals for information during which they make the customary requests for more cash.  Yet despite the huge amount of money donated to their private limited company (otherwise known as the 'Fund'), the McCanns have never offered any kind of reward themselves.  The parents seem to show more of an interest in drawing people forward for their money rather than their information.

We all know where the Paypal button is, how pop into the Natwest or even stick denominations of our choice into a brown envelope and address it to Kate and Gerry, Rothley.  However, some people need an incentive to loosen their tongues and be drawn out from under that stone.   The McCanns have this huge incentive at their hands, yet bizarrely fail to use it.

Any decent person with a conscience and morals who could provide information should not look for monetary gain in all of this.  So, please, in the name of all that is good... let's have some normality and break that silence.  

Now that would be a reward.

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