Thursday, 19 May 2011

Help Find Ben

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Good luck and all the very best to Kerry and family, you have a lot of support behind you.  Let's hope you get the genuine response you deserve from the Prime Minister.

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  1. I signed the petition a few days ago. I've taken an interest in this case since Ben went missing. The family had little help but boy did they search!! The grandparents spent years chasing up sightings and clues, Kerry's brother even took a lie detector test to prove he wasn't involved. Kerry and the family deserve so much more and as she says, why Madeleine and not Ben? Well, we know why don't we, the McCanns have influential friends, wealthy backers, a huge fund of money,PR services and a host of expensive lawyers at their beck and call. Money always goes to money, that's how famous people can buy a cheap flight and be bumped up into first class free of charge. Sorry Kerry, I don't think David Cameron will reply to your letter as he did to the McCanns.


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