Friday, 6 May 2011

The Onslaught...

I see her... alone and screaming.

So did Mrs Fenn, apparently.
Those who have read the files can also see her alone and screaming.
I thought this yarn began after the disappearance?

More alarming is the small print on the Sun's front page, inner private thoughts that should not be shared with strangers, even for money. Sensationalised by the Sun or from the mother's disturbed mind? Whatever, this reads more like a repulsive thriller than the book she hopes her daughter may read.  There is no evidence she has come to any harm?... Not according to these headlines.

Give me strength.  This is just wrong, all wrong.

**People worried about what the twins may have access to online when they were older - they have far worse on their own bookshelf.


  1. Kate didn't give it a thought if Maddie was alone and screaming when she left her alone to go knocking it back in the Tapas bar, so she has no right to expect sympathy now she's getting her just desserts.

  2. Flashbacks!
    Confession is good for the soul isn't it Kate?

  3. Oh how I long for the day this hideous woman and her repulsive husband are banged up.
    Meanwhile, who the hell is behind the protection of them?....Even the media are in on it!!

  4. For anyone who thinks they are guilty this is the most chilling photo yet. This is what sells papers!

  5. this is just sick,please someone get this deranged woman in jail,poor madeleine

  6. I hope there is truth and justice for Madeleine and before her siblings are old enough to read this book.Sean tells his mummy that he will look after Madeleine when Kate is old?,Amelie says she knows a naughty man took Madeleine while they slept?Well,according to Kate that is!The twins are 6 for goodness sake!! It is a wonder they sleep at night.How the hell can the McCann's tell the World they suspect it was this or that peado is a suspect,then appeal for money to find a unharmed and findable Madeleine!! How much longer can they get away with this obvious charade?

  7. This is what she is exposing the twins to
    ‘I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled on a big grey stone slab.
    ‘The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again.''
    No mother would expose her fears to her children she would protect them at all costs .
    This woman must be mentally sick to expose the twins to these sort of thoughts.

  8. Kate said on Oprah "Is someone brushing her teeth? Is someone rubbing her tummy if she's not feeling well? Is someone giving her her blanket? as a mum those are the things you worry about"

    But now we have. . .

    "The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again."

    I think the purpose of the book is to wipe out the public's memory of what was said before.

  9. To be able to use those words says to me she has seen child porn films herself as no mother could visualise some paedophile ''stroking'' their daughter let alone write it.

  10. "The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again.

    so who was the last person to see Madeleine?,and with kates words comes to mind the gaspars statement.

    kate says just killed me,shouldnt that be just kills me or does kate know some thing we dont.

  11. These words that Kate McCann is writing for all to read are a gift for paedos. They have the still photographs and the videos on their vile web sites, and now they have it in writing from a mother, they will be well pleased.
    And she says she peered through the bedroom window....would that be through the jemmied shutters and open window then Kate, as you and your husband went to such lengths to tell everyone?
    I hope and pray that every word in this fabricated story is examined against the police files already available to members of the public who care to click other links rather than this one of Kate's book. Then perhaps they could ask for their money back when they read the real truth, not this garbage, manufactured to do nothing other than rake in the money of the gullible.

  12. Kate's graphic words are Manna from heaven to a paedophile, this is not a right thinking woman.

  13. kate mccann is one sick woman and needs urgent help,i really think the twins should be taken out of that household for thier own safty.

  14. We now know why they are so confident the book will sell well because from what I've seen I would say paedo's are her target readers,they'll be queueing up to buy this book.
    Was pimping Madeleine like this part of their wider agenda,it seems so.
    So what does this say about the type of people behind their protection ,well they have to be the same sort of sick individuals as the McCann's or else they wouldn't protect them.So who are they?

  15. Amazing that after being pushed (by ID?) following the Court session to qualify the jemmied shutters/open window myth as "red herring", the myth comes back galloping ! In fact without the crucial myth, who would believe in the abduction !
    Too bad for the twins who one day will see the fingerprints were their Mum's... CR searched libel motives, neglected totally nonsense that ruins causes and generates libels.


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