Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Scary Froth of Moir...

A few articles have cropped up online over the last few days, supportive of the McCanns yet condemning all those who dare to question or disbelieve.

They all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet and one wonders where they get their biased views from?  This one in particular made me chuckle, Jan Moir in the Daily Mail... snipped because she does go on a bit.
"In Mrs McCann’s experience, the internet provides individuals with a ‘largely unregulated opportunity to set up websites and forums and blogs where they can share their bile and hate with other faceless, anonymous low-lifes, all locked away in their bedrooms’.
At first, the online accusations that she had murdered her own daughter upset Mrs McCann tremendously. Then she learned to ignore them. Ultimately, she began to pity these maladjusted nobodies and monomaniacs dishing out their reams of deranged malice under a cloak of anonymity. She is right. In the end, it’s only the babble of loons, ricocheting around cyberspace like astral junk. It may be wicked, but none of it matters a jot."
Hardly surprising after the Gateley episode and walking the dead in Bristol, but I did imagine her frothing at the mouth after thrashing that out on her poor keyboard.  Scary stuff.

Gone are the days of investigative journalism and unbiased reports.  In their place lie rampant self opinionated pieces like the one above.  Well you know, it's not a crime not to believe someone.  It's not a crime to have your own opinion and thoughts on something, it certainly doesn't make you a hater, loon or malajusted nobody.  How many of you are low-lifes locked away in your bedroom?

Over the last four years, the vilest of bile has come from supporters of the McCanns - as demonstrated above and below.  

As a side note however, I have to say that in the four years of following this case, the worst thing I have read is on Page 119 and I refuse to repeat it.  I cannot believe it has come from the pen of the mother herself... and is now in print for the world to see.  Including her children and as she hopes, Madeleine herself.

Anyway, I would advise Ms Moir and the merry gang to remove those blinkers and educate themselves on the facts of the case instead of resorting to insults and assuming that anyone who doesn't carry the same opinion as themselves is a nutter.  Make an attempt to think and understand just why people choose not to believe, if that's at all possible.

A good place to start would be the McCannFiles for a comprehensive overview of everything related to the case.

Or do what Scotland Yard intend to do... examine the translated files of the Portuguese investigation.  This can be done at the Maddie Case Files - the majority of the investigation is translated into English, including witness statements and up to date news from Portugal. Posters are friendly, normal people who simply want the truth. Certainly not what Jan Moir paints them to be.

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  1. M/S Kate McCann in her book Madeleine has now provided an excerpt from the official submission of Leicester Police to the court regarding the matter and outlining the reasons why they could not agree to provide the documents. Signed by the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire it runs:

    "While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance."


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