Tuesday, 10 May 2011

F****** Tossers!

F****** tossing the caber

F****** tossing coins

F****** tossing lettuce

F****** tossing a pizza

F****** McTosser?

Responsible mother, devout Catholic and... ahem... righteous pillar of the community, Kate McCann said of liaison officer, Ricardo Paiva...

"What's he doing? I thought. Following orders? Under my breath, I found myself whispering, "F****** tosser, f***** tosser." This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man didn't deserve my respect. "F****** tosser."

F****** tosser?... Nice?  No.  Appropriate?  No.

It's one thing thinking it, another altogether putting it into print.

Wonder what she thought of her patients...


  1. She had to put it into print to attract the scumbags, as they are the only ones left who are likely to believe her fairytale.
    Gutter reputation, gutter parenting, GUTTER GOB!

  2. Truly an horrendous human being.

  3. And this is the book she wrote for her children? This is the book she hopes Madeleine might read?

  4. she's off her head,hope s/s are keeping an eye on the twins.what i cant understand is why gerry let her write this book of lie's then i thought ££££££ thats why.

    at anon 03:03. well put.

  5. Good, Memyselfmoi ! Short and courteous and striking !
    Those who insult the MCs are unfortunately making them beds of roses. Experience stopping this and see the result !

  6. Memyselfmoi, have you read that I wasn't the only one to have the dumpster idea ?
    I would never have had it on that night (the police should have), but she, the mother, did !

  7. the only tosser here is kate


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