Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May... Another year, another candle.

Four years ago, Madeleine McCann vanished without a trace.

Since following this case, a lot I have learned.  There is a lot that I don't believe and a lot that I just don't understand.

Going back to the basics, I will continue to question why Madeleine's parents failed to help the police with their investigation.

I will continue to question why the parents trust their friends implicitly, when they all failed Madeleine by refusing to attend the reconstruction of events requested by the police.

And I will continue to question why the parents allowed the investigation into their daughter's disappearance to be shelved.

On the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance in 2008, we planted a small lavender bush in her memory.  Last winter it succumbed to the elements and withered and died.  I never imagined that I would be lighting yet another candle for Madeleine today.  How many more years, how many more candles?  Has hope for Madeleine also withered and died?  With sadness, I wonder if it was ever there?...

Madeleine is never far from our thoughts, but I'm sure you will all spare a special thought for this little girl today.

My thoughts also go out to the person who can courageously draw this whole mess to a close - it cannot go on indefinitely.  Please speak out, be that glimmer of hope for Madeleine - give her the justice she deserves.


  1. Lighting a candle is a lovely gesture.Bless you where ever you are Madeleine.x

  2. Having followed the case of 'missing' Madeleine on the internet for the past four years I am also puzzled by many facts.Why did the parents claim the children's bedroom shutter had been jemmied when it hadn't?
    They claim Madeleine was abducted,yet,instead of doing what any parent would do and run round like a headless chicken and search for their child in those first crucial hours,they tore a cover from Madeleine's bedtime book and sat with their friends writing a 'timeline' of that evening!Going by their timeline of claimed checks on the children it would have been impossible for an 'abductor' to have entered the apartment,find the children's bedroon,sedate Madeleine (she would have screamed and struggled had a stranger taken her from her bed)then carry her off through the window? Doubt it! No trace of anyone's footprints on bed or window sill.Through the patio door? Doubt that as by then the next claimed check on the home alone children is taking place and Gerry McCann was outside talking to a Mr.Wilkins,remember,this is when Jane Tanner claims she saw a man carrying child!All this can be verified by reading the translated files and statements,free online.
    You won't read or see any of this in the British media sadly.
    Hopefully,one day, truth and justice will prevail for Madeleine.x

  3. Well, the public is supposed to believe that a little girl disappeared without a tiny trace. The public is supposed to believe this little girl's parents are only victims and to pity them.The public is supposed to believe that Madeleine was eaten by a Big Bad Wolf BUT is still living in its belly, like RRH.
    Just a question of faith !

    Now I wonder which kind of "special thought" the miscreants might have for a little girl they never met. I find it easier to have one for those pathetic parents and a wish they put an end to their legend for the sake of the people whose emotions they have shamefully stirred up. I would give them the absolution for that...


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