Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Rainy Day Fund?...

Reporter : Tell me Brian, all the people who have been coming up to you today, just literally stuffing money in your hand.
Brian Kennedy : Yes, they have.  Yes, they have.

"Even if you send a cheque or anything in an envelope to Kate & Gerry in Rothley, it'll get there. People from around the world are doing that.
We will maintain the use of that money fully for the finding of Madeleine and to bring her back home where she belongs."

Kate McCann speaking in the Liverpool Echo, May 2011

Four years later, generous donations from ordinary members of the public still being thrust into the hands of the McCanns and their entourage?  Did these people get a receipt for their kindness?  A mention on their website?  A free wristband?

Was and is this money being used fully for the finding of Madeleine, as stated by Mr Mitchell?  Or used to pay for the likes of top notch lawyer Isobel Duarte in their various legal disputes.  What about their mortgage or even their fresh strawberries from Marks and Spencer?

The 'transparent' accounts that Mr McCann talks about are not so.  The last return of accounts included hidden pages... perhaps a tongue in cheek reference to the deliberate errors in Goncalo Amaral's name?  Very transparent.  It should be reiterated that the 'fund' is not a charity, yet the British media still refer to the 'charity' and it's 'charitable donations'. The fund is the McCanns' own private limited company of which they themselves sit at the helm as directors... they decide just how to spend those cash donations thrust at them.

Nine directors... down to six due to resignations.  Consisting of Mr and Mrs McCann, family and friends - all regulating the Madeleine fund and deciding where and how that money is spent.  Including the very large umbrella that is point 3...

A quote from Clarence Mitchell from the Jon Gaunt interview...

"The fund is independently controlled.
Every penny is being spent properly... in terms of finding Madeleine."



  1. I doubt one of those hard up pensioners have read the fund objectives and I also doubt any of them would have pushed money in that foul mouthed liar's hand if they had.In fact other than the internet they would be hard pushed to find the objectives.

    The McCanns are low life and worse than the scruffy druggie beggar's who sit in the street's and subways asking for money at least they're honest and let you know they're beggars and don't hide behind a company name to take your hard earned cash.

    I fail to see how the McCann's are allowed to legally advertise asking the public to give money to them for this Private Limited company they call a fund given the objectives,it's madness and it's begging at it's worst!

  2. fiction,i believe only a fraction of Madeleine's fund money was spent on her (if any).this fund is a fraud and should be investigated to see if the mccanns are telling the truth(cough)as all expenditure would be able to be checked.
    what happens to the money that pensioners put in their hands,will this all be accounted for as it should be if as clarence says the fund will be transparent .


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