Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding Survivor

Well, today has royally been the day of all days - congratulations to William and Kate on their wedding day, I must say the bride looked stunning and I'm sure the mother of the groom was there in spirit.

However, what really made the day for me was spotting the fabulous Bear Grylls mingling with the crowd, as he attempted the gruelling challenge of surviving the wedding!

Here's hoping Bear remembered to pack his lunchbox - I fear for all those stray tourists... well for their sarnies anyway!



    For those that missed it...the 'Wedding' in two minutes.

  2. SteelMagnolia, brilliant - that 2 minutes just about covers it!! Apart from Mr Grylls that is :)

  3. Newsflash! The frog population in St James Park are currently still in hiding lol.


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