Thursday, 17 October 2013

A very public awakening?

This little blog usually only gets around 100 - 150 hits on a normal day...

Since the hysteria that is Crimewatch was first advertised, the number of hits has risen tenfold.

It seems the general public's curiosity has truly been awakened this time around.  It's like travelling back in time to 2007 when we all sought sanctuary for our doubts and wavering thoughts.  It's happening again.

I've just read on Blacksmith's blog that visits to the McCann Files website are numbering a collosal 100,000 hits per day.  Pamalam recently posted on Maddie Case Files that people were arriving in their droves to view the Smith statement at 100 hits per minute!  The number of members on the Facebook Controversy group has leapt to almost 11,000.

Have the public finally had their bellies full?  The last straw?  All this interest due to a BBC production, not some book about the case. No, no they can't say that this time around.

Sometimes on the blog feed, it's possible to see what a person has searched for via certain search engines.  Here are a few of the things that people are now seeking answers for...

Madeleine cadaver dogs ignored
Are the McCanns narcissists
McCann lies Crimewatch
Kate McCann's silver necklace
Police statements of Dr Payne
Operation Grange cadaver dogs
An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may have never imagined or intended
Martin Grimes Madeleine McCann
Kate McCann refused to answer questions
Find Madeleline Fund private limited company
Why did FSS change their minds about McCanns
Bob Small Madeleine McCann
McCann farce
Kate McCann book page 129
Kate McCann forgive
Mrs Fenn Maddie

Interesting, hope these searchers find the answers they're looking for. And to the person who searched for 'the bunion on my left foot'... I have no idea how you ended up here, so sorry that I couldn't help and hope you've found some relief... 

If you're interested in the case, here are some sites that you should consider having a browse..

Or you could read the English translation of Goncalo Amaral's book, the Truth of the Lie. From what I can gather, it's just a condensed version of the official files.  We'll have to wait for confirmation on that one though...

Your comments are most welcome, although set to moderated since being PG'd, I always try and check throughout the day.  If you have any messages or comments that you wish to send and don't want published, please continue to do so but mark appropriately in the comment box.

Thanks for your visits.  And a big thumbs up to whoever halted the spamming.

Justice for Madeleine.

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  1. I was a MF member and trawl through all the sites above. I bored all my friends rigid at the time at how unjust, how obvious it all was. Now I stay quiet. My brother was one of the statistics you mention. He asked me what I thought about CrimeWatch. I sent him Martin Smith's statement - he then came back to me amazed after googling Eddie & Keela etc. etc.
    I think the penny is finally dropping for a lot of people and the genie is finally out of the bottle.


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