Saturday, 5 October 2013

The McMobile Trawl

October 2013 - London's Metropolitan Police say authorities are combing phone records of tourists and residents who were in a Portuguese resort at the time of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood told reporters Thursday that authorities were trawling through phone traffic of people in Praia da Luz around May 3, 2007, when the then-3 year-old vanished.

Interesting, but I thought the British authorities had already participated in this?  Or have I got deja vu again...

May 2007 - Mobile phone experts from Britain have flown to the Algarve to try and trace calls made on the evening 4-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing.  The specialists hope by using the silent signals left by mobile phones, they will be able to pinpoint where calls were made at the Praia da Luz resort on May 3 when Madeleine vanished.  By tracing the signals left by phones, which are logged on timed computers, the specialists believe they will be able to locate where calls were made within a few feet.

Can they explain this lot once and for all?...

Kate's phone - no calls made from 27th April to 4th May and no calls received from 11.22pm on 2nd May until 11.17pm on 3rd May

Gerry's phone - nothing prior to 00.15am on 4th May

However, inside Kate's phone there is a record of a call received from Gerry at 11.17pm on 3rd May. But no record of that call on Gerry's phone.
It had been erased.

It was claimed that British intelligence had already tapped the McCanns and their friends phones.  Is this data part of the file and being trawled through aswell?

Will they find the much talked about 10th Tapas and discover where he/she fled?

Will they find Eggman, making cracks, sorry tracks in the direction of Murat's home?

Will they confirm what side of the street Gerry and Jez were on??

Will they find the man carrying the sleeping child past the Smith family. Did he have his phone on him that night?  At long last, police might just be able to track down this elusive gent.  To within a few feet?...

Here's hoping.  Sceptical much.

And I have a niggle about those pay as you go mobiles that David Payne purchased for the group after Madeleine's disappearance.  Just a niggle.

And what about Ben Needham, and all the other missing children?

This all needs to end.  Soon.

** Thanks to JCL and Maddie Case Files for their excellent library of all news on the case since May 2007.  


  1. Brilliant! Succinct and spot on!

  2. What we are witnessing is unprecedented. A renowned police force doing PR work for a couple that, because of all of the lying and evasiveness, I suspect caused their child’s death and disposed of her body. The goal of this review / investigation is to devalue the work done by the Portuguese police, to make people forget about the conclusions of the original investigation. The McCanns will soon be able to say that they cooperated with the police and did a reconstruction. The flurry of activity we are witnessing in the media is to try to influence the Portuguese judge in the trial against Mr. Amaral or at least to draw people’s attention away from the trial which has been a disaster for the McCanns. So far all that we have seen is witnesses making claims without validation and witnesses that should never have been called to testify because they never read the book or seen the documentary. The McCann entourage have made fools of themselves and Scotland Yard is willing to do the same. I’m not sure that the Portuguese are complicit in this affair, perhaps it’s just a case of them having the patience to indulge the actors in this charade.


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