Thursday, 10 October 2013

The McCrimewatch Saga

An unforgiveable display of group members on the Official Find Madeleline Facebook page slagging off Portugal and its police.  And the page admin 'liking' all the comments.  I mean, that's so bad guys, come on!  It's not the first time either.  I wish people would remember that Portugal and its people did not ask to be dragged into this sorry state of affairs - the morons seem to forget one point when waving their pitchforks at the Algarve - the McCanns et al chose to holiday there.  And why would that be??  Maybe because Portugal and its people are very friendly and family orientated?  Or maybe just because there was an Ocean Club with lots of freebies and a nice convenient creche, but you know what I mean...

Anyway, it's clear to see that the appeal is only going out in the UK, Germany and Holland.  Not Portugal.  Not France.  Not Spain or any other country whatsoever.  So why single out Portugal as the bad guys? Huh?

BBC Programme : SIC asserts it was not contacted

"SIC was not contacted to broadcast the documentary that the BBC has made about the "Maddie case", contrary to what the English press has published. Next Monday (14), the British station broadcasts on its show Crimewatch what is promised to be a reconstruction of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. The script results from the Scotland Yard's investigation. The British press asserts that the Portuguese televisions refused to broadcast the documentary. Nonetheless, questioned by DN, an official source at SIC asserts that the channel was never contacted. RTP and TVI have not replied until this edition's closing time.

Diário de Notícias, 09.10.2013, paper edition

So there you have it... no more upset, bafflement or scratching heads. Portugal wasn't asked to show the programme... along with a myriad of other places.  For some reason, unknown to everyone as yet, Scotland Yard want this appeal shown in three specific countries.  Surely the McCanns must've known this, or are they really in the dark about the Crimewatch?  Perhaps they should now instruct their admin to update their Facebook page and followers with this snippet of info and remove the offending comments?  I think the Yard should have made it clear that Portugal wasn't included in their plans... there's enough embarrassing xenophobia in this country without firing the flames.

That leads me onto the latest request from Kate via the Official Facebook page.

I wholeheartedly agree with this request, although its SIX years too late.

I have to ask myself how personal photos of the kids found their way online.  Oh that's right, the McCanns allowed their children to be photographed willy nilly, didn't they?  While in Portugal, they paraded past the press pack on a daily basis.  Press opportunities were set up (remember the zoo, Punch and Judy etc) and why, there was even a photographer in the private lounge as they fled back to the UK after being made arguidos.

Photos of the cousins is a different matter.  I've seen these online - there's only one way that they got into the public domain.

So if you see any offending photos or videos on Facebook, please report it to in the first instance.  Do it.  For the children. Although I have to ask myself why the twins are on Facebook anyway - the age requirement to have an account is 13.  And can we please have the same treatment for all the Kate and Gerry mugshots? And not just on Facebook either.

Maybe this is something that will find its way into Kate's statement if she's allowed to speak in court?  Yes folks, these people want to defend themselves in a law suit that they brought about themselves.

It gets more bizarre as the days go on - you could write a book about it.

** Thanks to Joana Morais and the Maddie Case Files forum for the translation and latest news.


  1. Team McCann knew that their chances of winning the libel trial were next to nil, when the Lisbon Appellate Court overturned the decision to ban the book and the Supreme Court rejected their appeal. That is why they tried to intimidate Mr. Amaral into an out of court settlement. He refused. The McCann couple went forward with the litigation in the hope that they would encounter a weak willed judge. From what I've read about what has transpired in that court room, this judge is anything but weak willed. The contingency plan for what they expect will be a unsuccessful attempt at suing Mr. Amaral is to trash the Portuguese justice system. It's pointless to show their made to order reconstruction in Portugal because the Portuguese have already caught on to their game, I'm sure most Britons have also, however in Portugal negative comments are not going to be censored. So, why not say that Portugal refused to transmit their reconstruction and tell the world what a terrible country it is, it fits right in to their plans.


  3. I remember when it first happened and for the first few months all the talking heads on the news programmes were saying what an efficient and wonderful police force Portugal had and that it was respected across the world. How things change!


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