Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hope for Madeleine McCann?...

Ever the optimist, I'm keeping an open mind after watching Crimewatch and hoping against hope that Scotland Yard are playing a long game.

I'm not sure what the theatricals established last night other than to show that in 6 years and many millions spent, we're no further forward than we were when the case was shelved.

The pantomine that was the Crimewatch 'reconstruction' also goes to prove that a full and acurate official reconstruction is needed in the original setting of Praia de Luz with all key witnesses present.

A fundamental police act which will serve to remove contradictions, inconsistencies and lies.

The only accuracy I could spot was the uncanny resemblance of the abductor to Mr McCann - as originally confirmed by Mr Smith in his official statement to the police.

The Portuguese have said that there is no new and credible evidence to reopen the case - the answer really does lie in the file.

And there we have stalemate.  And a case that is still sitting on the shelf.

However, by working together perhaps the Portuguese and British police have found a way round this gridlock?

We now find ourselves back in time where Goncalo Amaral left off and concentrating on the Smith sighting.  And although we may never find out just why she fingered Murat, Jane Tanner's sighting has officially been ruled out.  Something that the McCanns and their many private investigators should have really done instead of shamelessly promoting over the years.

From the official police files and recently confirmed by evidence we've heard from the McCann v Amaral trial, we know that the British authorities were involved from day one.  The British first suggested homicide and the British recommended the use of the dogs.

Unless DCI Redwood can explain those compelling and haunting cadaver dog alerts, I'll continue to hope that the police will do their job and justice will rightly be served.  No matter how long it takes.


  1. Me, Myself, Moi: Pat Brown believes that someone will come forward and claim to be the Smith sighting; I agree with her. Mr. Redwood mentioned in his program in reference to the sighting that there could be a perfectly innocent explanation and that will be the story that will appear in the media next. Someone resembling the e- fits will come forward and claim that it was him carrying his daughter. With this sighting out of the way and the problematic Tanner sighting out of the way, the McCanns can breathe easier.

  2. Yes I can see that happening also. And yet that scenario will also create its own difficulties, Madeleine has still disappeared, no trace of any abductor forensic or otherwise.
    And the McCanns' will still live under suspicion, they cannot be exonerated unless there is a body found or an abductor's confession.
    It shows in their faces now, guilt and despair - can they survive another six years of the same circus? I have my doubts.


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