Wednesday, 9 October 2013

McCanns, Crimewatch and the Shiny New Suspect

So according to Sky News, Scotland Yard have a shiny brand new 'suspect'.  However, 'sources' have said police will not know how significant the suspect is until he is identified, traced and interviewed. Hey ho.  Tell us something we don't know.

Six and a half years later, they're expecting people to remember and recognise a photofit?  How bizarre...

I remember the morning of 4th May 2007 well.  I'd opened all the windows as it was a beautiful, sunny day.  I remember watching the news about the little British girl who had gone missing and feeling the horror mount as I heard that she'd been left alone in an apartment!  An apartment some distance from the bar her parents were, in a bedroom on the other side of the building.

I sure as hell do NOT remember who I saw or even talked to on that day. Or the day after. Or even maybe that year...

Lots of euphemisms spring to mind - needles in haystacks, clutching at straws, shots in the dark.  Waste of time.. resources... money.  How many more millions before the truth is really known?

I wonder if they've ran this snippet of greatly encouraging progress by the Portuguese police?  Chances are this person (if real) has probably already been investigated and ruled out.  Like every other second hand 'lead' that pops it's head from the files.

And yet again, little Maddie is put on hold because the world has to wait for the Crimewatch programme to be aired.

I'd be very surprised if this does anything but draw out the nuts, crackpots and attention seekers.  Unless, of course the Smith family have been allowed to be properly interviewed this time around and given a full photofit and description of the man they saw that night.  To be revealed for the first time live on Crimewatch?  Now that would make spectacular viewing... 

Please, don't anyone hold their breath.

Crimewatch?... Just what is the crime and who are we watching?  Not Portugal, that's for sure.


  1. Well said, Mike. Crimewatch Special!!!! Not filmed in Praia da Luz where it happened. Not even filmed in Portugal. Not including the group of friends known as the Tapas 7. Not including parents Kate and/or Gerry McCann. Altho' it is said that they will graciously be giving an interview for the programme. I wonder.

    If people come forward at this late date with their memories fired up one will indeed wonder where the hell they've been all this time. Practising smoke and mirrors possibly.

    Sometimes it is a complete embarrassment to be British.

  2. Totally agree, political sham, 36 officer 2 years of painstaking work to keep the McCanns happy, £4 million plus, a chance for the BBC to use some glitzy production in Crimewatch and trail it on the news fo4 48 hours, NEWS??? It's where we are at unfortunately; everyone has to cover their back and I'd love to be proved wrong, but live with your failed responsibilities, I say


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