Sunday, 31 October 2010

A McCann Ditty...

There was a sleepy village
By the name of Praia de Luz
Which came alive one May 4th
With hoards of global news.

They came from all around the world
To hear the strangest case
A missing child called Madeleine
With a sweet, angelic face

Soon we’d be bombarded
With bizarre to just not right!
With many tales of happenings
That cold and fateful night

How could it be so difficult
To get their stories straight
The truth should just flow freely
No twists or turns of fate

It seemed they were all lying
Inconsistencies galore
From broken, jemmied shutters
Open windows, unlocked doors

Much secrecy abounded
Intrigue, donated pounds
Her parents were made suspects
After noses from the hounds
Found whiffs of a dead body
In the car and in their flat
On the mother’s clothing 
And on poor Cuddlecat

Now almost 4 years later
With many ups and downs
Pacts and lies and counterspin
The child is still not found

The truth is always easy
It flows straight from the heart
And whomsoever knows the truth
We implore you to impart

Despite our grave suspicions
We share one hope and thought
For little Maddie to be found
And justice to be brought.

The Potting Shedder
October 2010


  1. MMM

    Very good excellent - I have put a link over on MM if that's ok with you - they have a thread there on "theirgilty" which is about little ditties and poems.

    Maybe you have a gift at this sort of thing.


  2. That's fine Angelique. I don't want to be confused for "theirgilty" though... I remember their fab "pomes" from the Mirror Forum and deserve their own recognition.

  3. MMM

    I don't think I have confused them but hope not anyway. I only put your link - not c & p so if they want to visit they can. : )


  4. Excellent, MMM !
    I've left the reference to the German book in "A new McCann appeal".


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