Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fact or Fiction - you decide...

Worthy of it's own page... you have to ask yourself if there is any investigative journalism and integrity being practiced in this country. And what blatant lies are being told on our front pages... just where do they get their stories I wonder, and will we ever be told the truth?

Rowling helps Kate write 'story'... 11 April 2011


J.K. Rowling's Denial

"Yesterday it emerged that the author had given a helping hand to Kate McCann, the mother of the missing eight-year-old, Madeleine, with her account of the disappearance in Portugal four years ago. But Rowling denied reports that she had written the book which is due to be published next month.
In a statement a spokesman for the author said: "While JK Rowling has been a long-term family supporter, her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate. Beyond this, she has not been involved in any aspect of the writing, editing or publication of the book."

We will eagerly await proper comment from Team McCann or Transworld and not just a rehash of the above... their silence and the fact that Ms Rowling herself felt the need to make the statement says it all really.

I suppose it's too much to ask the media to get their sources and stories right...?

* With thanks to the McCannFiles for the Mirror article - please click to visit.


  1. Kate would have been quick to put the record straight if it had been reported that Amaral had helped her write the book !

  2. Any well-known name who values their reputation and career would do well not to venture anywhere near the McCanns.
    They might find that their relationship with them will be exaggerated to ridiculous and potentially harmful levels.

  3. So JKR introduced them to her literary agent. I thought it was supposed to have been a "bidding war".

  4. J K Rowling is a very generous caring person and knows who to give her money and support to .
    the needy not the greedy .Seems she's been taken advantage of in the past .


  5. @14.09 nowhere does it say she INTRODUCED them to her literary agent ,it says
    ''her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate.''

  6. My god the McCanns have pulled some stunts but this is another low .They could have issued a statement of denial in the Daily papers themselves in the same way that JKR has but no, they were happy to let people think Kates book was written by the author of Harry Potter ,no doubt because it would sell better and bring in more money for them to pay their expensive lawyers with .

    The last time I looked only 13%of all the money they have had has been spent on the search for the daughter they lost so I don't believe for one minute that all the money from the book will be spent on the search .LIAR'S out and out LIAR'S as Amaral's new book will prove .

    Her book may not even get published once his is out and she knows it .Hence the book signing being cancelled .It's no good doing book signings if there is no book to sign now is there ??

  7. Sounds weird that the media published such a lie without consulting first CM.
    In fact mentioning JKR is all benefit for the MC book : even if denied afterwards people have caught the idea the book is entertaining... JKR would hardly complaint since it's for the good cause.

  8. I really think CM has gone a step too far this time.

  9. Well Anne the McCann's haven't threatened to sue anyone over this particular lie so it does make one wonder if it was they themselves who gave this false information to the papers .One thing is for certain though and that is they will never achieve their aim or be happy with ill gotten gains .They would do well to remember that when it all goes badly wrong for them ,which it will do in the not too distant future .

  10. There is still no retraction from the McC's in any of the daily's that I can see .So the vast majority of red top readers [the McC's target audience ]will still believe JKR has helped Kate write the book .Wonder if anyone is going to sue the Mirror ?xx

  11. No doubt in my mind that Rowling's career will forever be tainted by her association with these child neglectors. There is NO evidence Maddie was abducted, therefore every penny earned "looking for her" has been a fraud. When the day comes that these people (EVERYONE associated with the fraud) are brought to justice the number of lives they've ruined along the way will be significant and although Rowling will not necessarily be "ruined", she'll always be associated in people's minds with the McCanns, who have gotten away with the most blatant perversion of justice in recent history.

  12. Anonymous, 13/4/11 at 15.57

    I don't agree that Rowling's career has or will suffer in any way at all - she's just too good - and I for one don't associate her with them at all any more than I associate Beckham or Renaldo with them

  13. @ Anonymous 13.20 .
    I doubt any of us can predict whether it will affect the supporters until the Mccann's are charged and it will then depend on what they are charged and convicted of .
    If it's homicide as has been suggested in the official police files which is available for JKR and all the other supporters to read then regardless of how good she and the others are in your opinion they will all been seen in a bad light imo and quite right too, as the official information is available for all to read .
    There is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever of an abduction but there is SOME evidence that the parents were involved in the childs disappearence ,just not enough to charge them as yet .


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