Sunday, 3 April 2011

What makes a McHATER?...

Are you a Hater?  Or a Nasty?  What about a Moron or just a plain, old Muppet?

Do you go by the grace of God or cast the first stone if you're without sin?

Well, you see it all depends on which side of the fence you're on.  Ideally, we should all be on the fence seeing as we really know nothing about what happened to the child on that fateful holiday.  However, from day one a line was drawn in the sand and the Pros and Antis were born.

A tag which I don't consider to be accurate, as I think the majority of us agree that the child needs to be found.

Even though I don't hate the McCanns, I am considered a HATER, NASTY, MORON and MUPPET by their supporters simply for questioning the parents' version of events.  I have never hated the McCanns, I don't know them.  I am Pro Madeleine, along with all the other people who continue to question events, discuss the case and want justice for an innocent little girl. 

Show me a Pro forum that has personally translated the files, brings the latest unbiased news from all sides and one which doesn't copy and paste posts from other forums in order to simply rip the posters apart. In their eagerness to condemn and target Goncalo Amaral, they support Leonora Cipriano. A convicted child killer.  Absurd.

Do they provide support for the McCanns?  Their main objective seems to be to ridicule and slap down anyone who doesn't believe in the abduction scenario.  Do they do anything constructive for Madeleine?

I took a trip down memory lane earlier and found an abundance of vile rants still available online, some from almost 4 years ago.  To date nothing has changed.

With their vile, rancid attacks the supporters always were the HATERS. And they're not doing their Team any favours.


  1. Not nice is it? I wonder if anyone recognises their 'work'. The Team must be so proud.

  2. And what makes it worse is that journalists and media personnel, who should know enough to actually read the files first so they know what they're talking about, actually ask the McCanns about the sad, hateful people who believe they had something to do with the disappearance of their daughter and write on blogs. They should read a few of these blogs and find out just how much work and time has gone into these meticulous accounts of the case. I am in awe at such clever people. They should also look at a few of the McCann supporters' blogs and the good discussions like Sky and Amazon which they repeatedly try to derail with their disgusting comments and inability to interact in a discussion without resorting to personal comments.

  3. The Anti- and the Pro- have in common worshipping Madeleine, the victim either of ugly parents or of an ugly abductor. The little girl seen by the Smith family was obviously dead (only in case the carrier was her father would have she slept in confidence, but her father says he wasn't the carrier, isn't it ?). From this, at least, we can deduce she died quickly and without suffering too much. Does she "deserve", to speak like her Mum, to be treated like a martyr ?
    Now people, lots of them, have been unacceptably fooled, partly by lies, partly by circumstances on which nobody had any control according to mechanisms which are exemplary and must analysed. For the benefit of all.


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