Friday, 15 April 2011

Penny for your thoughts?...

Kate hopes to raise £1million from the book.
She said: "Every penny will go on the search for Madeleine."

Fund Objectives
The full objects of the Fund are:
a. To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;
b. To procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and
c. To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family.
On one hand there is the promise that every penny from book sales will go on the search for Madeleine (a).  On the other, royalties will be given a much wider berth and donated to the McCanns company, aka the Fund (abc).  Perhaps some clarification is needed on just which objective/s will benefit overall - a, b and/or c?  
Problems arise when pennies = abc instead of pennies = a.
In hindsight, I'd hate to think of my pennies being thrown at lawyers, legal fights, mortgage payments and travel for extended family this time around.

With foresight... to buy or not to buy, that is the question.


  1. A keen eye needs to be kept on the fund objectives once the book is published as the present ones will just not do at all. It is on record that all money made from the book will be spent on the search, so in the interest of not taking money falsely from the unsuspecting public all the bookstores who sell this book need to be made aware if the fund objectives remain the same or a seperate fund is not set up.

  2. im sorry to say but not one penny will be spent on serching for madeleine ,because the mccanns know where she is.another good piece you have wrote here.thank you

  3. Why would McvCanns use 1p of any money raised to "search" for Maddie,? they know EXACTLY where she is, they put her there

  4. Hmm in the press it is implied that every penny will be used to search yet the book now has a sticker stating All royalties donated to Madeleine's Fund. The Fund that can be used for:

    @5.40 secs onwards:

    Interviewer: A lot of people would say that quite a lot of money has been made from Madeleine's disappearance from various court cases. How much has been made? And is this being used in legal legal (can't make out what the interviewer says) like the one in Portugal?

    McCann PR: The Fund is there to assist Kate and Gerry in whatever way necessary there are a number of other backers as well outside the Fund who also assist at times em the bulk in fact all of the public money that came in in the early stages was all spent entirely properly on the search for Madeleine on the investigative costs and everything else around that em most of the monies that are still in the Fund now are actually there from either the settlements against the Express group newspapers and other media outlets that have also defamed them and so that is money if you like that was brought in through court action not the public and on top of that the most recent monies that have come in have been through supporters kindly donating at a Fund raising event and again they would be more than happy as supporters to see the money spent in any way that assists Kate and Gerry and the wider family and their investigators in the search for Madeleine.


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