Monday, 4 April 2011

Righting the Wrongs - Doing the Time Warp Again...

"When I read around the various forums, blogs and Twitter, it's startlingly obvious that certain people are stuck in the summer and autumn of 2007."

Well, certain people believe there are a few good reasons for this.  

First and foremost a child has vanished without a trace. There has been no conclusion... and most startlingly, she is still missing.  How can you move on from that?  Have the parents?...  Perhaps we could have done so 20 years ago when news was few and far between, however with the advent of the internet, this case will never go away until all is resolved.

Are certain people really still caught up with forum rumour and innuendo from 2007?  I actually see more in depth discussions about the confusion and apparent lies that appear in the officially released police files, than newspaper cuttings.  Discussion is usually backed up by credible links or information.  Rumours are few and far between nowadays.  The files are full of inconsistancies from the parents and their friends - as long as this confusion lasts, there will be questions.  It's human nature.

Are certain people really naive enough to expect that PC Plod be plucked from anonymity and punished for those anonymous leaks?  Maybe he/she has... would we be privy to such information anyway?  Unless certain people are expecting public stocks and rotting fruit (or sardines) in front of a heaving, baying crowd?  Leaks are an age old problem within the police force worldwide and sometimes an intentional act for operational reasons. Perhaps we should ask Mr Brunt about his DNA source, which bizarrely reversed from 100% Madeleine's to 0%.

It may come as a surprise, but certain people actually view the payment made by the Express group to the McCanns and their friends with much scepticism simply because it never went to trial and was settled out of court.  If something is the truth, is it not worth pursuing until the bitter end?  Especially for your child?

Spot the difference.
Like Robert Murat & Co did.  Or to respectfully give them their Sunday names... Robert Murat, Michaela Walzuch and Sergey Malinka, who took their cases all the way to the High Court and won, receiving substantial six figure payments each.

Since 2007, the British media have bombarded the public with the version of events provided by the McCanns & Co.  They have also launched a continuous unnecessary assault against the Portuguese people and their establishments, most of which has been believed by the gullible British public.  Until this stops and those unanswered questions addressed, discussion of the case should continue.

The writing is not on the wall, but on the sticker book and only then can we emerge from that time warp which is May 2007.

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  1. EXCELLENT !! the time has come to wrap this up , McCanns is the only version ever printed in UK press ,The only people EVER to claim"abduction"was Kate and Gerry McCann ,no one else, in fact the Portuguese and Uk police both know Maddie died in 5A,anything anti their lies is never printed,take for example the lifting of the ban on Amarals book ,not a word anywhere ,The truth needs to come out I hope Amaral getting the vile duo in the dock is widely printed in every Uk newspaper ,but I wont hold my breath, The McCanns have help from high places unlike no one before them ,questions need to be asked and answered why this is ,It has gone on long enough Maddie is being robbed of her right to RIP


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