Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Hot Potatoes

Interesting... who will get the part of Vol... Voldemo... sshhhhhh!!  Who will get the part of 'he we do not speak of' - swarthy abductor or Dr Amaral?

We all know who the real villain is in this tale, does the author?...


J.K. Rowling's Denial

"Yesterday it emerged that the author had given a helping hand to Kate McCann, the mother of the missing eight-year-old, Madeleine, with her account of the disappearance in Portugal four years ago. But Rowling denied reports that she had written the book which is due to be published next month.
In a statement a spokesman for the author said: "While JK Rowling has been a long-term family supporter, her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate. Beyond this, she has not been involved in any aspect of the writing, editing or publication of the book."


Kate fears 'attack'...

The cancellation of the book signings comes as no surprise.

The fear of attack does.

A mere week after happily taking part in a very public charity run around Regents Park, an event which was well publicised and well attended, Mrs McCann now fears 'attack' in the comfort and security of a Waterstone's bookstore...

Another failure on the part of the parents who proclaim to be doing everything for their child... but also a huge kick in the teeth for their supporters, followers and well wishers who eagerly await the launch of the book.

"Madeleine book tour abandoned..." like daughter, like book.



  1. An excellent point .So what is the real reason she has cancelled the book signings I wonder ??

  2. Poor pre-sales? Or maybe she just fears an attack of unwelcome, unhelpful questions? After all her husband's groin won't be there to fumble with for an answer if she's busy signing books.

  3. According to the Mail she's giving a different reason for not doing the book signings.
    She thinks they would be in bad taste.
    That's rich, coming from her.

  4. Seems like the unbelievable headline "Fear of Attack" went down like a lead balloon.

    Change of tactics!

  5. I'm surprised that nobody has tried to attack them already.

  6. The only attack Mrs McCann should fear is an attack of the conscience but highly unlikely to happen in this case. And to give the excuse of the book signing being in bad taste. Are they having a laugh!

  7. I wonder if Kate will mention in her book how the scent of a cadaver was detected in their Holiday apartment, on Kate’s clothes, in the McCann's hire car, on the car key’s
    Just a thought

  8. You know I'm sure she will .In fact we've read most of the reasons she could come up with on some of the supporters forums so I think the book will be so predictable and boring ,if of course it ever gets to print .


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