Friday, 22 April 2011

Fluffy, worthless words... McFishy or what?...

Am I alone in thinking that the huge jump of overnight 'likes' on the Official Find Madeleine Campaign group page is a little bit fishy?  It was around a steady 15,000 for some time - today it's over 30,000.  A welcome has gone out to the Madeleine public figure group - but that many, so quicky?

Anyway... things go from fishy to downright weird, with recent posts following the trend of...
Maddie I love you .pleas come home to mummy and daddy.
Kate and Gerry you are amazing people who never deserved to have this happen,
Sadly, Madeleine has been let down by the past 'investigation' into her disappearance.
Truthful, opinionated and experienced posts are removed before they are read by too many.  Practical posts which refer to Portugal as a beautiful place with friendly people are deleted.  Praise of the Policia Judiciara doesn't see the light of day, but condemnation of Portugal and it's police force are left to view.

No details whatsoever about the 'ongoing' private investigation or current legal battles that so many supporters have funded, yet encouragement for all and sundry to change their profile pictures to Madeleine prior to the book release.  What great publicity... call me a cynic but it certainly beats those time consuming book signings any day of the week.

If the posts that remain were a colour, they would be pink and they would be fluffy... they are simply not normal.  Lending support is one thing, but professing to 'love' Maddie is another thing altogether.

There now seems to be a cult of young teenagers dedicating their help to bring Madeleine home.  Young girls who claim to have large outgoings for their own planned events and ink to print their own posters.  One girl in particular even offers to befriend anyone and send posters to their home addresses.  We don't know who we're dealing with online, and this is where it gets very dangerous for naive youngsters who want be helpful and lend support.  It works both ways, Child A doesn't really know who she's befriending but those befriending her really don't know who Child A is. Yet it is all encouraged by the Official Campaign by being left to view with not even the utter of a warning, and is still there one week later.

I doubt very much that the Fund is reimbursing all these children for their efforts, don't you?

They could however take a leaf out of young Amanda's book on the art of raising awareness and searching for their daughter.  Over the years this young girl has shown more passion and awareness than her parents have ever done.  Another disturbing aspect of this case, in more ways than one.


  1. "One girl in particular even offers to befriend anyone and send posters to their home addresses."

    Given the support Jim Gamble and CEOP has given the McCanns the above is absolutely appalling. How dare the McCanns send the message to children that it is acceptable to give out their HOME addresses!

  2. I'm amazed that FB continues to allow this.And why hasn't CEOP stepped in,this could be just another cover for grooming.Shocking and very frightening!


    Please read about 'Sledgehammer' the only place you willl find the truth about CEOP . Goverment gagged 'operation Sledgehammer' which is why it was so important to follow the O.Ore case and the reason CEOP is disbanding. Operation ore has collapsed, credit card fraud has now been proven. The book is also online you may find more on the kind of person Gamble really was / is.

  4. i am appalled at what lengths the mccanns will go to to try and prove thier innocents to all and sundry,but alas thier is too much in the official files that tell that they have not told the truth, if only people would read them.disgusting pair they are.

  5. I agree anonymous 08.52 but no matter if they get the world and his wife to support them it won't change a thing once the crucial piece of evidence is found and it will be.
    The cult they head and the weak and vulnerable who they exploit won't stop them serving their sentence for what they have done to Madeleine.At the very least for leaving her on her own but those of us who have read the files know it will be for much much more than that.


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