Thursday, 28 April 2011

Four years...

"She was really brave. She started crying but stopped almost immediately.  It was something that usually would have caused 10 minutes of crying rather than 10 seconds."

"If Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault?"

Irrespective of the language used in front of children and caught on video... if Mr McCann wasn't there to enjoy himself on his family holiday, what was he there to do?


In the wide outside
See the swallow as he glides
Like a spiral up to freedom


  1. get rid of his daughter judging from what the Smith family witnessed.

  2. It sounds like premonition. Whatever they did, it's a chill down your spine.

  3. Something dreadful happened in PDL and yes Anne it sends a chill down your spine to think of such a tiny little girl, who went on holiday and never came home.

  4. MMM

    What has always surprised me is that watching this video makes me wonder who was it doing the filming and why none of the "party" even bothered to go and help Madeleine and see if she was ok. Or if she needed any help up the gangway. If this was my child I would be there immediately, in fact, I wouldn't have let the child get that far away from me. I certainly wouldn't have carried on filming while my child did her best to scramble up the steps.

  5. Yes Angelique, I completely agree with you. I find the choice of footage released quite interesting also. If your parenting ability was being questioned by the public, would you release something which only draws attention to your lack of care?


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