Friday, 8 April 2011

Piles of McVile...

I'm lost for words with the latest shenanigans over on the Official Find Madeleine group on Facebook.

On a link to a recommended blog, which painted children as inconveniences and attempted to excuse neglect, one woman dared to disagree with the content!

Good for you Janet Canepa.  I genuinely believe you speak for the majority of us when we say that we would never leave our children on their own.  Shame you were subject to the vilest rants and abuse simply for putting forward your experienced thoughts, including this one which some have construed as a veiled threat...

What was most surprising was the response from the Official Find Madeleine Campaign group themselves...

Come on... is that really the way to speak to a supporter of your group simply because she disagreed with the author of a blog and gave her own experience of parenting?  Is it acceptable to publicly compare her comments to the irritation of PILES?!  It's rude and downright appalling. The Official comment was later removed, along with Janet's - did someone within the group have similar thoughts or was the post just another moment of madness when someone's guard was down.

Just because they now have the wrong kind of piles...

...really doesn't give them or their supporters the right to bully and descend on a person simply because she has a different view on parenting.  These manic, vocal 'supporters' come across as nothing but self righteous, narcissistic morons and are unfortunately tarring all genuine people who quietly lend support and want Madeleine found.  And I'm sure they're out there somewhere, despite their silence.

Questions really have to be asked about this group where propaganda spouted by McCann supporters is allowed to be posted without question, yet anything which does not toe the party line is removed.  I agree that certain posts have to be deleted, but certain people are not permitted to post and if they do, their posts are removed.  Like Janet's. It appears that you must agree that it is perfectly fine to go out and leave your children to care for themselves while you eat elsewhere.  And that everyone does it.

Misinformation and its misinformed comments are allowed to be spread and shared by themselves, their followers and anyone else who has the misfortune to stumble across this page.  Such as individuals being jailed for torture.  It is a free public group, not costing the McCanns a penny to run, unless a waged muppet is in charge of vetting comments.  It seems to have taken over from the Official Find Madeleine website, which is a shame because so much effort went into running the site.  Around £37,000 per annum worth.  Save a penny, save a pound.  Hopefully the site costs will be greatly reduced on the yearly accounts?

In hindsight... really - if only they'd eaten here.  Maybe then it would have been like 'dining in your back garden'.  Give me the chimps' tea party any day.


Yes, people can THINK what they like, but not post these very hurtful thoughts for others to see...  

That says it all really.  I wonder how many supporters are afraid to post what they really think?  And I have to ask just what hypocritical and smallminded  planet Mrs Holmes is on.  Wherever, it obviously lacks any media source if her eyes have only just been opened and claims that this case has any bearing on the world enlightenment of child abuse, slavery and paedophiles..  What a vile, hurtful insult to the many victims of child abuse over the years.


  1. Mr Gerry and Mrs Kate continue to show what despicable people they are .They have created a nasty evil cult and imo paid people to join it by using the money that the public donated to help them find their daughter .Dreadful people and dreadful parents !

  2. the mccanns friends on that site come across as prize twats if they couldnt answer janet in a polite way,bearing in mind all the pro forums are like that.
    i just hope janet, after the nasty replys she got joins a real forum that truly want justice for madeleine.

  3. TOTALLY agree with both comments already left,If mcCanns are innocent why do they not go back to Portugal, answer the 48 questions they refused ? Because they are NOT innocent !! only the guilty have things to fear

  4. Irritating, yes, but not the woman who WOULDN'T leave her kids alone.

  5. oooooooooooooh how vile, still, they were embarrassed enough to remove that post, therefore result

  6. 'Why don't they go back and answer the 48 questions .... rant rant rant'!

    They are innocent. No need.

    Tis only the odd, shallow minded, bunch of idiotic posters like yourselves that continually profess.

    Come on people, wake up!

    No one in their right mind could believe they orchestrated the biggest conspiracy this century in a couple of hours to supposedly cover up the so-called child neglect.

    Get a life!

  7. Awful people who have a following of equally awful people!
    To set on someone who clearly has the correct way of parenting and all her own children intact because of it, is a clear indication as to what these people are like and those they defend.

    The tragedy of Madeleine seems to have spawned an appalling industry and cult.

  8. The hypocracy!

    But it's ok for people like yourself to continually attack a family who have to come to terms with never seeing their daughter again?

    What wonderful people you are!

  9. "Come to terms with never seeing their daughter again"

    How many days after Madeleine disappeared did they set up the fund? And has that fund been sensibly used to find her? No. Are they wonderful people? I think not.

  10. Garth knows the truth obviously he was there at the time or is a psychic. Listen to him. *Cough*

    Wassup? Didn't you like the Mccanns making a big joke of themselves on the cult page? Endorsing child neglect and bullying posters? Plank.

  11. Garth said -

    "..a family who have to come to terms with never seeing their daughter again?"

    How do you know that Garth? Are you related? I'm sure that's news to ALL followers of this case, on all sides of the fence.

    This is the OPPOSITE of what the McCanns claim. Or is that just for the benefit of the fund?

  12. "odd, shallow minded, bunch of idiotic posters like yourselves"

    "Get a life!"

    Predictably Garth (a supporter) lets the side down by resorting to insults. Well done.

    Interesting blog and a brilliant snapshot in time. Caught in the act before being whooshed out of embarassment. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  13. Ha Ha! Someone just posted on the FB page that people are entitled to their thoughts but not entitled to post them.

  14. 'Garth knows the truth obviously he was there at the time or is a psychic. Listen to him. *Cough*

    Wassup? Didn't you like the Mccanns making a big joke of themselves on the cult page? Endorsing child neglect and bullying posters? Plank'.

    Bullying lol!

    Get the tissues out!

    9 April 2011 11:22

  15. Clarence Mitchell was right when he said the Blogs and Forums were cesspits. He conveniently didn't mention it was the McCANN SUPPORTER Blogs and Forums that were the cesspits! That McCann Facebook is a disgrace and imo any sane person reading it must think WTF! Especially when reading posts such as the one from Mrs Vivien Holmes above!!!!!

    I notice Mrs Vivien Holmes states:

    "we will carry on searching for her"

    Hmm we???

  16. vivien holmes is mad IMO

  17. pitchforkers, stalkers, harassers ghouls, freaks, nutjobs, take yr pick as to which word the rest of the people in the world see you all as

  18. No I think they're simply tags made up by supporters of the parents. Supporters who cannot do anything to support their arguments other than resort to name calling and abuse. Like you have.

    We all want Madeleine found, why should we be all of the above, simply because we question her parents version of events?

  19. The McCanns don't deserve to ever see Madeleine again .They couldn't take care of her when they had the chance to so they should NEVER be given a second chance .A childs life is just too precious to be put in the hands of people like the McCanns .There are millions of mummy's and daddy's world wide who would give their right arm to stay in EVERY night of their lives if they were given the chance of having a child.No excuse in the world will excuse the McCann's for leaving their three children on their own ,end of .
    All you stupid uncaring people who endorse their behaviour are sick in the head ,out and out cruel self indulgent people who should never be allowed to be in charge of any child let alone parent one .

  20. "I agree that certain posts have to be deleted"
    I don't ;)

  21. If they endorse their behaviour of course they are ,are you stupid as well as guilty .

  22. Show me where posters ENDORSE their behaviour Deidre.

  23. Try searching yourself this time instead of relying on others to do it for you .Around dawn would be a good time to start .To give approval of or support to,might give you a clue .

    Oh and by the way ,I'll allow you to call me Deidre even though that is not who I am ,as long as Deidre doesn't object that is .

  24. Tis YOU who makes the claim that posters ENDORSE the McCanns babysitting arangements ya daft bat!

    So either back up your claim or shut up!

  25. Why else would you give your support Garth? If you didn't condone their behaviour. It's not something that people can 'get over' as simply as the parents have - the child is still missing.

    And there's no reason to stamp your feet like a two year old, although it's predictable.

  26. I give my support because I can show compassion, unlike some retards who keep harping on about the same old same old.

    Like I said earlier.....get a life!

  27. The predictable insults. Keep it up, you're doing the Team proud.

  28. A pair of self confessed child neglector's who lost their three year old little girl after leaving her and her younger siblings in an unlocked apartment out of their sight and earshot could only get compassion off people with twisted logic .

  29. ......says the bitter old righteous one! lol

    Nuff said!

  30. Where is your compassion for Madeleine McCann, Garth. Remember her? You've not mentioned her once in your many hostile posts in defence of the parents. But then again, that's also predictable from supporters.

    Actually, I do apologise. You have mentioned her - in passing. How do you know that her parents have come to terms with never seeing their daughter again? Thats news to me, and many others I'm sure.

  31. What an idiotic post!

    Are you now 'assuming' that because I 'appear' to be defending the McCanns against the tirade of abuse on this blog that I obviously have no compassion for Madeleiene herself?

    You're very good at casting aspersions,but it would appear little good at anything else!

  32. How do you know that her parents have come to terms with never seeing their daughter again? I think that's the only comment of yours that everyone wants the answer to.

  33. Garth you sound so much like Gerry McCann when he drops his guard ,moronic and abusive .

  34. 'How do you know that her parents have come to terms with never seeing their daughter again? I think that's the only comment of yours that everyone wants the answer to'

    Why? Is your anonymous little pea brain struggling? Do you think I may have made a freudian slip? lol

  35. Good on you for saving these screen shots shedders,great blog.

  36. More than one Garth!



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