Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Curious Case of Maddie McCann

This case has intrigued me from day one.

I remember that delightful May morning - I'd got up early and opened all the windows.  The sun was streaming in as I watched Sky News inform the nation by ticker-tape that a little British girl had gone missing in Portugal.  That little girl was soon to become a household face and name.  Madeleine Beth McCann, age 3.  Her eyes would be imprinted on our souls with the 24/7 news coverage of her disappearance.

I have to say that my initial feelings of utter anguish for the little girl were soon coupled with shock that these children had been left on their own in a holiday apartment.  Quite frankly, I was gobsmacked.  Her parents had apparently left the child and her twin siblings alone, while they dined and drank some distance away from the apartment in a restaurant.  I was further shocked at seeing the situation of the restaurant in the complex, along with the fact that the childrens' bedroom was on the other side of the apartment block, out of sight.

Over three years later, little Maddie is still missing.  Those three years have included a rollercoaster of events and a bucketload of money.  Donations from the general public (rich and poor), elderly people and schoolchildren, but still no child.  

A myriad of false sightings, numerous threats of court action and a multi-million pound reward which is neverever mentioned.  But still no child.

Maddie McCann, the child who vanished without a single trace on that cool May evening... and not a trace to be found since.  Is that even possible?  

One day I hope the truth will emerge, one day I hope.


  1. Me, Myself, Moi

    Yes, dreadful that it's been so long - and not one clue, not one shred of evidence of a trail to follow, not one definite sighting - just a lot of dead ends, speculation and still no Madeleine.

    I have to say it's only very recently that I started to think that maybe it wasn't an abduction - when all around me people, although not bothered about making their opinions know in writing, would say to me I was naive in thinking that she was abducted. They just said every-time I mentioned she hasn't been found yet, she wasn't lost, she was murdered.

    I thought they were being extremely cruel to say that - but now I am turning towards their opinion. Though sometimes I get back on the 'fence' because I just can't imagine anyone doing such an awful thing.

    The trouble is from reading other sites and watching lots of videos and listening and reading other posters - I realise how much I don't know yet about this unfolding mystery. It is so complicated and that is very strange - if it was a simple abduction why should be be so complicated, muddled and connected to so many other people. You know they say that you can be only 6 people away from someone else who knows you in a different country. Well this is like, everyone seems to be connected in some way or other. I find it hard to keep up.

    Will chat some more......


  2. I believe that sometimes it's easier to sit on the fence though. I'm a great believer that it takes all sorts to make up this world, and I don't personally know these people, or what they're capable of. Therefore anything could have happened. I've always had sympathy for Madeleine, I feel she's the sole victim in all of this no matter how much the press seem to have forgotten about her or portray her parents.

    You're right about it being a complicated case, one thing seems to lead to another. And one person seems to lead to another too.

    I often wonder how a person can vanish without a trace and over three years later still be missing without one single clue as to her whereabouts. It seems almost impossible and sadly, she must be very well hidden.

  3. There's imo only one way a person (a body actually) can vanish without a trace. For good, without any possibility to be found.
    I think they used this way. The reason why remains doubtful.
    But I don't believe in murder. This little girl was obviously very much loved.

  4. Anne@08.38

    What way is it that you think they used ?

    And I am assuming you are meaning the McCanns when you say "they"


  5. Angelique,
    Yes when I say "they", I mean the MCs, though actually I think the decision was only GMC's one and it was for KMC's sake. So they probably never spoke of it and that taboo subject is the main cement in their relationship.
    I answered your question in another thread.

  6. My granmother has premanitions she had a premanition of the hotel the name and the room the little girl was in i told her to write to someone about all she saw in her dream but she says the police need concrete evidence it is a dream not real.the little girl visits her still and she likes the colour yellow with drawings of mini mouse and snow white she loves cinderellas dress and glass slippers .my grandmother said when she can ever go abroad when she gets a passport she will go to the places the little girl has shown her and see how she feels if its the same feelings of what she has in the dreams this is not a one off premanition she has many of children and after she reads of things it is what she has seen.grandma hates these premanitions she is so poorly after them she is already disabled.


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