Friday, 8 October 2010

Top 10 McCann Clangers

Or in other words, gobsmackers or things that made my jaw drop.  To be honest, there are far more than 10 things, but these are just off the top of my head...

Random Photographs
There are many to choose from, but those infamous 'happy' photos taken outside the church in Praia de Luz on the 12th May 2007, just 9 days after their daughter vanished without a trace are just too much.

Press Conferences
Most of these appear to be read from a script including their plea to the 'abductor' on the 4th May, and later only certain questions were privy for an answer.

Two press conferences have stuck in my mind - the first showed the waiting press pack during mid-May 2007.  All eagerly awaiting confirmation that the monies donated would be well spent on private investigators to aid the Portuguese police.  After all, everyone expected it, especially those who donated - instead we were informed about the crack team of lawyers hired and details of the position of Campaign Manager - no PIs.  If a pin had dropped, it most certainly would have been heard...

And secondly is perhaps one of the most well known... gutsy Sandra Felgeiras asks the question of the moment - did you know Robert Murat?
Did you know Robert Murat?

A Cowering Child
Kate McCann describing the moment she discovered Madeleine missing to Oprah Winfrey, she checked to see if she was cowering in the wardrobe... cowering?

Forward Thinking?
We've had a search fund created, future events planned and the delayed release of information and photographs.  All things long-term.  Yet short-term, not much - there is very little mention of the huge reward on offer and it appears that no-one has ever tried to claim it.  It really did appear that Madeleine's discovery would not happen any time soon.

The Good Parenting Guide
Mr McCann stating that everything they had done was within the realms of responsible parenting!  What idiot told him that, I wonder?  I can only guess on that one.

The McCanns Never Physically Searched
From the horse's mouth in an interview with Jane Hill from the BBC.
Search? We've been working really hard...

Intimidating Witnesses?
Brian Kennedy, backer and funder of the McCanns apparently making visits in person to witnesses and the other arguido in the case, Robert Murat.

The Gaspar Statements
These statements were given very early in the case to Leicestershire Police, and withheld for 6 months before being passed onto the Portuguese police.  These statements gave another view of the case which may or may not have steered the whole investigation into another grimmer direction.  Irrespective of what you think of these statements, they should have been passed on immediately.
Drs Katherina and Arul Gaspars' Statements with thanks to Pamalam.

The Dogs
The results of the dogs' presence in Praia de Luz really has me dumbfounded and perhaps the most compelling thing that makes me question what really happened to Madeleine.  Out of numerous locations, these dogs only marked the scent of a dead body in the McCanns apartment, car and clothing.  And on Madeleine's cuddlecat toy.
The Dogs in Action

And the McCanns' Response?
This imo was not normal... your daughter is missing, the scent of a dead body is found in the apartment she went missing from and in your hire car.  Wouldn't you demand that the police investigate the previous occupants and users of both the apartment and car thoroughly?  Wouldn't you show the slightest concern for your missing child?  Or would you try to excuse the 'smell' by blaming it on rotting food and dirty nappies?

All gobsmacking and there are actually too many to list, I'm sure you would get bored and I'm also sure you've got your own gobsmacking moments.  From the day the fund was created to their visit to Vatican City.  The fact that they put their remaining children back into the creche straight away and left them with others, even overnight.  The fact that this whole case seems to be centred around money, false emotions and the McCanns playing the victims, when there is one and only victim worth mentioning... Madeleine herself.

And when I wonder about all these bizarre clangers, it makes me realise that the most bizarre thing of all is the fact that they're actually there to begin with!

And don't get me started on the coincidences...


  1. ''And when I wonder about all these bizarre clangers, it makes me realise that the most bizarre thing of all is the fact that they're actually there to begin with!''
    I had to repeat this sentence as it sums up in a few short words just how out of the ordinary everything about this case really is !Well said .

  2. I think the coincidences make for mind blowing reading.
    Go for it.
    But start here.
    Mr McCann checks the children, the abductor is already in the apartment - for the unfolding scenario to have taken place.
    He chats outside to a tennis friend, when another member of the holiday group, passes (they don't see her) but she see's them and the abductor with Madeleine.


  3. Me, Myself, Moi

    I think you are psychic because I was thinking I wish someone would make a list right from the very beginning about all these discrepancies, clangers, strange statements, contradictions, LIES, etc. and you have, well done. I wouldn't be able to do it myself as I forget easily and can't find links and the like. But this is what we all can't understand. If we had behaved like this and said all these conflicting statements - it would be - Away with you - off to the Police Station!

    Never heard such rot in all my short life!

    Coming soon - to a cinema near you an Epic film depicting the

    "Life and Quotes of the McCanns".


  4. Anon.@03.29

    Yes - I put up a comment yesterday about this you can read it here and watch the video :


  5. Me, Myself, Moi

    You might like to check out this video:

    It's the second video down - you may not have listened to it. Hope I've done the link right not good at this sort of stuff.


  6. Thank you Angelique, the link works fine. I'll have a look after breakfast.

  7. Thanks for the link Angelique, compelling viewing. I have one thing to say... 'in hindsight'?!?


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