Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Harbinger...

"Sooner or later you'll go up for it.
In this town you probably could have gotten away with it.
And you didn't even have the guts to do it alone.
You put your trust in guys like these... not the most dependable of God's creatures.
Sooner or later they'll get the idea you're playing them for saps.
What'll you do then? Peel them off, one by one?
And in the meantime if any one of them breaks, you'll go down hard. 
Because they got something on you. 
Something to use when things get tough."

A Very Bad Day at Rocha Negra

The above words were taken from the 1955 movie Bad Day at Black Rock and were spoken by the late, great Spencer Tracy.

Apply to whom and whatever you will...

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  1. No words written so many years ago could fit more perfectly than these do for the situation a certain couple find themselves in today .
    What a good connection you've made between the two Potting Shedder .xx


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