Friday, 29 October 2010

Missing Maddie really is no joke...

Day 10 - 13th May 2007

Absolutely not.  I've got no time for the opportunistic jokes and comments that raise their ugly heads in the events of tragic news, appearing in everyday life, in papers, forums and Facebook groups.  Frankie Boyle's joke may have been aimed at the father of Madeleine, however in my opinion, still in bad taste.

What I do find rather amusing is the lack-luster counterspin that we've experienced from the Team over the last week in response to the overturning of Goncalo Amaral's banned book.  I expected the counterspin to go into full throttle, but it's been amazingly quiet from both the Team and the British media.  What about the sudden appearance of a new eyewitness who thought they'd spotted Madeleine 3 years ago, travelling in the direction of Madagascar?  Or grainy CCTV footage from Bondai Beach?  Instead frail, old Mr Healy has been wheeled out to complain about a joke made by Mr Boyle at one of his recent shows.  A show which Mr Healy didn't attend but bizarrely felt the need to speak out about instead of leaving the customary comments to hired spokesperson Clarence Mitchell.

More wilting spin in the news involved the Google-like translation of the Find Madeleine website into German, in the apparent hope of jogging the memories of those German tourists who holidayed in Praia de Luz over 3 years ago.  Three years too late I'm afraid, unless Mr Edgar has just advised his employers that Germany also has those lawless villages with people living on the edges of society - as per his description of Portugal.  Oh to live in 'civilised' Leicestershire.

So what about the usual sighting that so often appears when news is on a downer? Or is this, in typical McCann style, being saved for a rainy day.  Perhaps for the customary Latch onto Christmas Appeal?  The appeal to keep searching for Madeleine which involves the wooden parents reading yet again from a script?  An appeal where there is no heartfelt message for the little girl who may be watching, or the mention of the huge reward available for information leading to her safe return?

The Christmas Appeal... perhaps Christians of today should be thankful that Mary and Joseph knew exactly what bounds were within the realms of responsible parenting. Despite the need to quench their thirst and fill their bellies with friends at the local Inn, they didn't (even though the Innkeeper was a kind, hospitable person).  Had they left baby Jesus away in his manger, all alone to fend for himself in an unlocked stable who knows what would have happened.  Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh perhaps the 3 Wise Men would be delivering a different kind of gift, one similar to the ruling of the 3 Wise Judges.  One thing's for sure, the bible certainly wouldn't be as it is known today.

There is no time to lose in the case of a missing child, so instead of waiting for Christmas, an appeal should be made today.  To that one person out there who has kept that piece of information from the police, and has kept it close to their chest since May 2007 - it must be eating away at your insides, it's time to release your conscience and get the police case back on track and investigating just what happened to Madeleine.  No matter what the consequences.  You know it, we all know it... so do the right thing.

Or the parents and their chums could just agree to attending the reconstruction and answer the questions they refused to answer in the first place.  Enough to reopen the case.

Either way, there is only one deserved person in all of this and that is Madeleine.



  1. Hi MMM ,congratulations on another excellent blog.
    I like yourself have no time for moronic ''comedians''as it seems neither has Mr Healy

    .His comment about Frankie Boyle struck a chord with me ''To be using material like this Boyle must be scraping the bottom of the barrel''.I couldn't help smile at the irony ,just change the name Boyle to McCann and he couldn't have spoken a truer word .You describe why Mr Healy was hauled out and I have to agree .

    If he is looking for really, really offensive comedians to condemn he need look no further that the photograph you have chosen for the top of your blog they don't come any more offensive than that,they even laugh at their own joke !!!

    Madeleine deserved better than those two and frail or not Mr Healy, by defending them with your words you have offended Madeleine far more than anything Frankie Boyle has said .

  2. MMM

    Mmmmmm.....I agree entirely with your blog - but don't you think they have been hung by their own petard?

    If what we believe is true - imagine how hard it must be for Kate to even contemplate returning to answer those and other questions that Kate refused to answer. Imagine Gerry trying to repress his over blown ego and submit to a reconstruction. Then add on all the statements and interviews, all the press and media, all the Government collusion, Police collusion, 'brethren' collusion. Compensation paid to the Fund after suing the press - also cash for the Tapas7 (shut up money).

    Now we see why they had all those legal eagles to hand. They needed them because someone in all of this knew we would reach this point in time. Where to go back or forward could be disastrous.

    Glad it's not me.

    This is why we hear nothing - just this miserable (cheap) foray to Germany. Why Gerry went Global at £10 a throw on the internet site.

    We have reached stalemate - and they are waiting to see if all the "barriers" they have set up will hold.

    Oh - to be a fly on the wall!



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