Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Goncalo Amaral and the Silence of the British Media

The silence of the British media in the missing Madeleine McCann case has always been a bone of contention for many knowledgeable people.  They failed to report extensively on the important negative aspects of missing Madeleine's case.  Negative aspects affecting Madeleine's parents, that is.

Not reported in much detail was a witness sighting who identified Mr McCann as the possible 'abductor'.  Yet reported extensively was Ms Tanner's unreliable sighting of a person walking this way, that way and carrying a bundle, a child or maybe she was looking at her own reflection?

Not reported in any detail were either of the Gaspar statements or Leicestershire Police's failure to forward them to the Portuguese authorities until 6 months down the line.  Yet reported extensively were false sightings, balloon releases and urges for more, more, more money.

There is a myriad of press that the media have failed to report, instead they have chosen to paint the sunny side of the saintly parental 'victims'.

They failed to question why the Portuguese AND British police had suspicions of the parents.  And they failed to question just what that cadaver dog marked in Apartment 5a, on Mrs McCann's clothing and on Madeleine's favourite toy, Cuddlecat.

The British media failed.  They failed to remember that Madeleine McCann is the only victim in this case and should have reported accordingly.  The only victim in this case is still missing, the British media should be seeking the truth instead of simply reporting the parents' and their friends' differing and contradicting version of events.

We have been purged with inacurate articles about Keystone Cops, failures in investigations and corrupt policemen.  One in particular was lead investigator, Goncalo Amaral.  The British media encouraged their readership to believe that Senor Amaral was sacked, disgraced, took two hour lunchbreaks and drank more wine than a night out at the Tapas.  This was all untrue.  The man was truly smeared in the worst possible fashion.

It seems now that it's Goncalo Amaral's turn to silence the British media.  Almost 12 hours after the news surfaced about the overturning of his book being banned, only one British paper carries the news... The Guardian.  Even this report is misleading in relation to the Attorney General's statement... please point me to the part where he says the McCanns are 'entirely innocent'.   Several other media sources all over the world have been reporting for hours that the books are to be back on the shelves, dvds can be viewed and Senor Amaral can openly speak again about his views on the case.  Yet only a squeak from the great British media - has no-one called Sky?  They claim to be 'first for breaking news'... another massive fail.

What a travesty that in this case, 8 parents can go out to a restaurant for the night, leaving all their children alone in empty apartments to fend for themselves.  This results in one child going missing and cadaver odour being detected left, right and centre.  Yet the one person to appear in court is Goncalo Amaral.  For what?  Seeking the truth?

I sincerely hope that Senor Amaral sees this silence as a green light and takes a leaf from the Book of McCann... the British media certainly owe this man an apology at the very least.

20/10/2010 edit... 

I've been checking the forums today and really find it hard to believe that this news is still not being carried by the British media.  Only a couple of outlets are reporting, the majority are not.

I can't believe that such important news as this, the ruling of a BANNED BOOK being overturned, has failed to make headline news.

Especially in this case and especially when prejudicial against the McCanns. Why is that??  Not only is this of public interest, but to report the overturning is actually in the public interest.  

The McCanns drew the public into their web by courting the media from day one, along with their invitations to all for donations to their fund.  The overturning of the book has paramount importance to the public in this case... it's about time the British media reported in our interest for a change.


  1. Fantastic article. I agree 100%. What really intrigues me is why the brittish public are so toothless against the media? And who /what is it that tells intelligent journalists what they can or cannot print?

  2. Great article.
    One day the truth will out.

  3. .... and no one called sky.

    At this point you really have to laugh. Yesterday news was available all day, yes working day. NOTHING.

    Yet a group of witless doctors who leave their kids to go out of the razzle, can get wall - to -wall media attention during the hours of darkness.

    And I beleive there is no conspiracy theory !!


  4. Sky don't talk to me about sky. TRhey are so pro McCann. The whole thing stinks in this country. A child left with her siblings on her own...now gone, and yet the parents are allowed to dictate and are lauded!

  5. Will the book be available in UK?
    Who will stock it?

  6. A long overdue and most welcome victory for freedom of speech .. I hope, at least, it brings Mr. Amaral and his family a bit of comfort and hope that the tide might be turning in their favour and that one day, eventually, the truth will be known regards the fate of Maddie McCann.

    I look forward to finding and reading a copy of this book.

  7. Wonder where the express is they usually love to print stories about Madeleine

  8. SKY were called at 11:59 am exactly, by myself, and told quite plainly that the biggest development for a very, very long time in the Missing Madeleine case had just occurred. I even gave them a link to check. It still took them until 11:45 PM - just 14 minutes short of TWELVE HOURS - to print a token story somewhere in the bowels of their sorry excuse of a website. First for breaking news? I don't think so.

  9. PS you missed the fact that SKY reported as "Breaking News"... ALL DAY.... that Kate had been offered a two-year "deal" to "confess". A fact that could have been exploded as untruth with about 10 minutes research, as such a deal would have been impossible under PT law. And the source of this "development"? One Philomena McCann.

  10. I emailed Sky, the Sun and the Express as soon as news started to break on the forums

  11. An exceptional article which asks all the right questions and point out one clear undisputed fact that the only victim in this is Madeleine. Who is looking after Madeleine's interests, where is the investigative reporting for Madeleine's sake, there was enough xenophobic tripe about Dr Amaral, now that this brave man has had the injunction overturned, who from the british media will stand alongside him and give him fair, unbiased comment. Who of those who disparage him have read the book or the PJ police files?

  12. Uk media aren't the only ones concerned.

  13. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/

    Dr Amarals book English

  14. There is NO evidence of an abduction. I don't believe for a moment that the McCanns would leave 3 small children alone in an unlocked apartment.
    Neglect is a trade off so that the McCanns can say Madeleine WAS abducted - no neglect = no abduction.
    I believe the dogs, the world famous British dogs, they only react to the things they are trained to react to - cadaver scent and blood.
    If the McCanns have nothing to hide they will return, with their tapas pals, and submit to a reconstruction and Kate will answer those 48 questions and the case will be reopened.


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