Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Zahra Clare Baker

I've been following this case briefly on Twitter with the hope of news that the child was found.  Call me naive, but I was shocked to hear that the Amber Alert for Zahra had been cancelled and a homicide investigation had begun.  And also that Zahra's father and step-mother may be involved in her disappearance.

The latest news is that the police have no idea where to search, as they have no idea how long Zahra has been missing.  Outside her parents, no-one else has seen her for a month.

I'm normally a level-headed, caring person but this case has affected me surprisingly badly.

What a tragedy that this little girl, who not only survived bone cancer but also coped daily with her disabilities, has possibly had her life ended at the tender age of 10 years old.

Zahra has already escaped the clutches of death once - she deserves a medal and the right to a long life ahead of her, certainly not death at the hands of others.


  1. Yes, I felt the same about Zahra - beautiful name, and such a sweet little girl. Have you read that her neighbours knew she was being mistreated as well. It's absolutely horrible what some parents can do to their own children. One who had suffered as you say with cancer - what a miserable life she must have had and yet she smiles in her photo.

    I just can't get with children suffering like this.


  2. The neighbours or familiars who knew story is always the same : they knew before but only tell it after. Kind of atonement (they could as well say nothing) ?


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