Friday, 29 October 2010

An Ode to Autumn

Tis known you're here, as icy blasts
Cast golden leaves upon the grass
Those blades they twist, they turn and quiver
Your breath makes all abend and shiver

Bobbled hats, scarf, mitts - all woollen
Donned to start some Autumn fooling
Falling leaves of golds and reds
Flake and float above our heads

Now raked away and into piles
And in the shape of golden smiles
Leafless trees and plants await
To heed the mark of Winter's fate

Autumn, a short time you are here
You take from nature all that's dear
Yet lying dormant is what's best
As Spring awaits, we all must rest

The Potting Shedder 2010


  1. MMM

    Is this your own ode - this is my contribution - I like the mist of autumn best but don't like to see trees bare of leaves.

    I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
    Stand shadowless like silence, listening
    To silence, for no lonely bird would sing
    Into his hollow ear from woods forlorn,
    Nor lowly hedge nor solitary thorn;--
    Shaking his languid locks all dewy bright
    With tangled gossamer that fell by night,
    Pearling his coronet of golden corn.
    Thomas Hood
    Ode - Autumn.


  2. Hi Angelique, yes this is my own ode. Thanks for your contribution, just taking a step back from things McCann, it just gets a bit much. Thanks again.

  3. MMM your ode gives a real meaning as to why we need Autumn .I love all the seasons, they each have their own beauty ,but Spring is my favourite and after reading your ode I will appreciate autumn so much more .You're very good ,I hope you'll continue to blog another one of your own odes now and again for us all to enjoy .

  4. Thank you for your kind comment Anonymous... I should amend the text to make it clear that I haven't copied and pasted someone else's work. The ode came to me as I watched Autumn at work yesterday morning! Thanks again.


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