Sunday, 10 October 2010


I came across an interesting word tonight and thought I'd share it with you... nobble, the inspiration for which I have to give a right royal thanks! 

At first glance, it appears to be a friendly little word... nicely rounded with an even amount of letters.  On closer view however, it actually has a nasty meaning which gets quite sinister if you investigate further...

nobble [ nóbb'l ] 
(3rd person present singular nobbles, present participle nobbling, past and past participle nobbled)
transitive verb 

Definition :

1. accost somebody: to make contact with somebody, especially in order to persuade that person to do something
2. influence somebody: to influence or persuade somebody using underhand or illegal means such as lies, threats, or bribes... an attempt to nobble the judges
3. disable racehorse: to prevent a racehorse from winning a race by drugging or disabling it
4. cheat somebody: to swindle or defraud somebody
5. steal something: to steal something from its owner
6. seize somebody: to seize hold of somebody

Now, I'm weighing up those definitions in one hand, and in the other hand I have everything that I've sucked in like a hungry sponge over the last three and a half years.   You could be forgiven for wondering if a nice bit of nobbling came into the equation somewhere along the line?

Schoolchildren eagerly setting up jumble sales.
Elderly people giving their last. 
Witnesses being visited by strangers. 
Glass-eyed men - this comes under multi-nobbling but by just how many?
Forums, blogs, threads, all gone.
Journalists and reporters writing half truths and inane dribble.

Just how many individuals and high rankers have been accosted by our sinister little word nobble?

The new Crack Team - have they been deployed to seek and find or seek and nobble?  Are they only semi-permanent because you just can't manage nobbling full time?

Wide awake nightmares of being nob nobbled, nib nabbed and being the big, bad nobbler.  Who was nobbled, who did the nobbling and did the nobbling actually work?  Are you paid to nobble or do you do it for free?  Does nobbling come with a guarantee or is it simply nobble and be gone? Do you become a nobblette once you've been nobbled?

Well... all this talk of mind-boggling nobbling is making my eyes water!  Looking at definition number 3, I always knew there was a reason Red Rum kept popping up in this case... or was that Mur Der?


  1. Me. Myself, Moi

    Yes - very interesting article of the intricacies of being/having been "nobbled".

    I have always thought it virtually impossible to be able to control so many people and have so much influence over what can be said about the McCann case. How can a couple of supposedly normal everyday Doctors have such power over so many other people and how do they keep it "rolling along".

    Which makes me wonder if it's got something to do with "the Fraternity". It spans the world, it's in every sphere, it controls a huge amount of business, seeping into even the law. I know I worked for one, maybe more, but definitely one.

    But I also think sometimes that things happen to make asses of us. You must have had this happen to you for sure - you will mention something, just a word and then suddenly days later something will happen and it will connect with what you said. I call these things 'rounds" because it seems to come around a lot. Or is it just the nature of things - the way it goes.

    This relates to your mention of Red Rum. But what I don't know is what your suspicions are about this name ?


  2. Well .... who knows who was nobbled, can you nobble yourself or can willing participants be nobbled?

    But as one parting comment, I saw somewhere on the net, it's no wonder the insistence on Madeleine, rather than Maddie, 'coz if you cobble Maddie ... you get I'm dead. Ah... now we are on to the fine English Language of

    Cobble ! (urban slang for a something that is put together poorly)

    The nobbled cobbled T9Timeline ;)


  3. Thanks Angelique, it's all tongue in cheek... and yes I also believe that what goes around comes around.

    Meadow... brilliant, that's so made me laugh out loud!! Thanks :)

  4. "How can a couple of supposedly normal everyday Doctors have such power over so many other people"
    But they don't ! The famous commitments right from the very beginning, that was smart, though only effective because echoed on the web. Those who gave their support and their money can't risk being discredited. They're not protecting the MCs, but themselves. If their first interest was genuinely Madeleine, by now they know she's dead, but they don't want the truth to come out and be considered fools...
    A circus like this can happen only once. All those who tried to imitate lost a lot (like the mother who appeared on TV with a teddy bear).


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