Friday, 1 October 2010


Well, I'll attempt to post some music in this little bit... just so I've got something to listen to while I'm talking to myself...

Travis - Closer

The fab David Tennant performing to the equally fab Smiths!

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

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  1. Snog Patrol (not a mistake) - yes I do like this song and I do like Snow Patrol - but having lost the love of my life when I was quite young to another girl - it's sort of makes me quite miserable listening to it. If I just had the music and not the words it would be fine. But it's too late now because I know what the words are.

    Have always liked Travis - lots of Travis stuff in my collection. But have a problem with being so selective - I only usually like one tract off each album.

    Into James Blunt for the third time round. Can't fault his first album every song is brilliant - also Michael Jackson - every one a masterpiece. Have been a Jackson fan for a long long while. Have made two attempts in the past before he died to see him at Wembly and have been thwarted both times. First time he was ill and the last time - he died before he went on tour. Sad, very, very, sad.

    Happy listening



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