Saturday, 2 October 2010

To diet or not to diet... that is the question!

Well today I was thrown from my safe haven of cuddliness and curves into the harsh reality that most of my winter clothes aren't going to fit.

After a dull summer of getting by with the usual required amount of vests, cropped trousers, skirts, dresses and sandals I was suddenly agape at my wardrobe.

Why?  Rain. Wind.  And anything else Mother Nature chose to throw our way.

The sudden realisation that I couldn't go out in my 'baggy stuff' hit home and I grabbed my jeans, boots and cardi from the wardrobe.

All went well - button done up, zip decided to strain a little but I thought 'hey, at least I don't have to lie horizontally and use a coat hanger to cover the belly'.  Anyway, boots next.  And therein lay the problem... sitting down, ie bending.  I thought I was going to be drawn and quartered, well cut in two at least.  As I heavy breathed, I managed to get the boots on and decided it was infinitely safer to stand up straight until it was time to go out.

Luckily at that point in time, all I had to do was walk the school run and make my way home.  Which I did, until I got about 200 yards from the front door.  I felt like a lost Legionnaire stumbling across the desert who had spotted an oasis in the distance.  An oasis that was there, but so far away.  My front door was that oasis and I was panting for breath just like my imaginary Legionnaire, stumbling up the path.

Water, water.  Unzip, unzip.

My beautiful oasis provided me, not with water, but with my comfy leggings and baggy top.  Not to mention my slipper socks.

And the hardhitting thought that if I don't buy new clothes or diet I could be embarassing my kids at the school gates.  I mean no child wants to see their Mum in black socks and sandals, do they?


  1. Hi there, Me,Myself,Moi

    You and how many others are doing exactly the same thing - respect!

    I am fortunate that I don't do the school run but still have this problem by the time autumn comes around.

    You just have to face it : the answer is remove three things from your diet.

    Mine are potatoes, bread and sweets. I don't bother about pasta because I don't like it but believe me when I say it - pasta is fattening.

    I expect to be vilified for this - I always am - because people tend to think pasta is healthy.

    Great blog site - love the colour - green's my favourite.


  2. Hi Angelique,

    Well I started today and have actually been very good! We'll see how long it lasts... I think I'm in the right frame of mind.

    Thanks for your comments and advice, please come back again. It gets very quiet in here lol!

  3. Me.Myself. Moi,

    Hello again- very good- you've started already. I'm way behind I have already succumbed to a 'tiger bap' and wouldn't you know it, a black cherry sundae topped with cream. Huh, so a black mark for me today.

    Water, drink lots of filling water! It makes you feel full.

    When I was a child, I used to live on a farm and spent most of my childhood playing in fields. Idyllic when I look back compared to what the children of today in the UK experience. I used to refuse lots of food my parents gave me, like meat, milk, eggs. I lived mainly on what I could eat from the wild - docks, wild potatoes and the like. I was really a vegetarian spent a lot of mealtimes eating tomatoes either with or without sugar. As I got older my diet has changed and I don't think it has really helped me. I didn't cook vegetables either I used to eat them raw. Very strange child.

    I am fascinated by the way people here in the UK join diet circles - weight-watchers and the like. But whatever helps has got to be good I suppose.

    Well, First Good Behaviour Point to you then - I failed miserably!

    Will come over and chat again


  4. Hi Me. Myself, Moi

    How's your diet going - mine's not doing very well - although I must say, instead reaching for the doughnuts - I have started eating raw potatoes again. Which is a good sign.

    I hope you are drinking lots of water, so good for you - washes out the system and supposedly puts a bloom on your skin that Loreal would envy.

    Sadly it doesn't seem to be working for me - just my luck.

    I remember Boots did a diet a while ago which meant you starved for 2 days and drank their special brand of some liquid or other. I think it died a natural death, and probably a few dieters felt as though they might die too. But not seen it about lately.

    You know, we started this dieting at the wrong time of year - it's the worst time to do this because the weather is now getting cold in the UK. This is the time when you should be putting on the pounds not taking them off because we need to keep warm. Shall we cancel and start again just before summer ?

    What do you think ?

    Are you thinking of anything other than food ? (joke)

    We can pat ourselves on our backs and say we did try but forgot winter was coming!



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